Cardboard Packaging Recycling

Cardboard is one of the easiest and most environmentally effective materials to recycle, in landfill cardboard is a lost resource generating methane as it breaks down; a green house gas more harmful than carbon dioxide.

The City of Albany offers a free cardboard recycling service to business and residents to encourage the correct disposal of cardboard.

Cardboard Collection Points

Fossicker's Tip Shop
Hanrahan Waste Minimisation Facility
Hanrahan Road, Albany

Kronkup Rural Transfer Station
Lower Denmark Rd, Kronkup

Redmond Rural Transfer Station
Redmond Rd, Redmond

Wellstead Rural Transfer Station
Bouer Rd, Wellstead

Cheynes Beach Rural Transfer Station
Cheynes Rd, Cheynes Beach

Manypeaks Rural Transfer Station
South Coast Hwy, Manypeaks

What are the benefits of recycling paper and cardboard ?

TickEvery tonne of high quality paper (e.g. office paper) recycled saves up to 24 trees.

TickEvery tonne of lower quality paper (e.g. newspaper) recycled saves up to 12 trees.

TickEvery tonne of paper recycled saves three cubic metres of landfill space.

TickA 1L milk carton can be recycled into five sheets of high-quality office paper.

Close the loop and buy recycled

Recycling our paper and cardboard wastes into new products is only successful if there is a market for the recycled product. To become a true recycler, make sure you buy products made from recycled paper and cardboard.