Bulk Verge Collections

The City of Albany provides 2 bulk verge collections per year to those residential properties that currently receive a wheelie bin service. A brochure will be delivered to each residence two weeks prior to the collection, which will inform residents of their collection date.

Materials must be placed on the verge in front of your property the weekend before the collection date. The materials may be collected at any time between Monday and Friday of the collection week.

Please note: The collection contractor will only check your verge once.

The bulk verge collection is designed only for domestic materials, which cannot be collected as part of the regular household waste, recycling and bio insert (greenwaste) services.

Residents are able to present 2 cubic metres (2 trailer loads).

Bulk Hardwaste Verge Collection - TBA

The following items will be collected:

  • Metals such as whitegoods - please note all doors should be removed
  • General household waste such as small furniture items, electrical goods and mattresses. All loose materials must be placed in bags, boxes or tied in bundles

Do not include the following as a part of the bulk household collection:

crosscar parts or tyres


crosstrade, industrial and shop wastes including plumbing materials

Trade and Industrial Waste



crosslarge tree trunks or thorny bushes


crosslarge carpets that cannot be readily handled by two persons


crossgarden organics suitable for a domestic garden organics bin


crosshazardous wastes such as paints, solvents, asbestos, chemicals, cleaners and unwanted medicines


crossfood scraps


crossbuilding wastes such as tiles, fencing or plumbing fixtures

Building waste

In many cases the materials placed out for the collection can be re-used rather than being disposed of to landfill. There are organisations that will take your unwanted goods, if they are in good condition, and put them to good use.

Bulk Greenwaste Verge Collection - TBA

The following items will be collected:

  • Garden prunings, leaves, twigs
  • Tree prunings up to 1.5m in length and 25cm in diameter.

The following will not be collected:

  • Bags or boxes of leaves or grass clippings
  • Palm fronds
  • Loose leaves or lawn clippings
  • Sand and soil material
  • Dug out lawn
  • General rubbish, junk or metals
  • Weeds or root material