Organic WasteRecycling Organic Waste by Composting

Half of the rubbish that we throw away each week is organic matter and can be recycled in our own backyards as compost. Composting is the rotting and breaking down of big bits of fresh, dead organic matter, into very small bits that begin to look just like soil. In fact, compost is actually a type of rich, good quality soil that is full of fabulous nutrients for our garden. Therefore, composting is a cheap and hygienic way of dealing with our unwanted food scraps and garden waste, by recycling them into a beautiful natural fertiliser for our gardens.

Composting BinThere are a variety of ways that we can recycle our unwanted organic waste in the backyard. Using compost bins is one way. In a compost bin organic waste decomposes anaerobically. Anaerobic decomposition is the slow breakdown of organic matter when there is very little oxygen available, such as a sealed container like the compost bin. Bacteria and fungi thrive in low oxygen conditions, and they help to decompose the organic matter. With the proper equipment and some handy helpful hints, you can begin to recycle your unwanted organic waste into compost for the garden and in doing so you will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill every week from your house by half!

How To Set Up a Compost Bin

How To Maintain your Compost Bin