Worm Farming

Worm2There are a variety of ways that we can recycle our unwanted organic waste in the backyard. Using a worm farm is one way. In a worm farm, organic waste is eaten by earth worms. The worms move through the soil, eating organic waste and soil together. Inside the worm the organic waste and soil squash together, helping to breakdown the bigger bits of organic waste. The dirt, and anything else that the worm cannot eat, comes out the other end as worm castings or worm manure. These castings are great for the garden, along with the liquid that drains out of the worm farm. This worm juice is full of fertilising nutrients and is great for plants. With the proper equipment and some handy helpful hints, you can begin to recycle your unwanted organic waste into worm castings and worm juice for the garden AND in doing so you will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill every week from your house by half!

How To Setup a Worm Farm

How To Maintain your Worm Farm